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Excessive appetite is colloquially called gluttony. This disorder is characterized by a constant desire to eat and an inability to stop eating food even after being full. Gluttony leads to overeating, fat accumulation, and ultimately being overweight.

To lose weight, you need to “melt” fat back into energy. But how do you do that? Move a lot and eat little – this is the axiom of losing weight. Movement will dramatically speed up your metabolism and, thus, increase your calorie expenditure. And the lack of food will not give energy to replenish. A state of “Negative Energy Balance” appears. This is a condition when the calorie content of food does not cover the expended physical strength. And then the body begins to pump energy back from fat. The fat “melts”, and the person loses weight.

Losing weight in theory is always easier than in reality. The guidelines advise fat people to “only” run more and eat less. But the problem is that usually, an obese person is so lazy that they prefer to get to the store around the corner by car. And their eating habits are so badly disturbed that they eat not only when they are hungry, but also to simply cheer themselves up. Of course, these are too rough and figurative comparisons, but judge for yourself.

The fact is that appetite and motivation turn out to be close relatives. Both senses originate in an area of the brain called the hypothalamus. It is a pea-sized structure, but it is from here that emotions and sleep, appetite and sexual behavior, memory and body temperature, mood and motivation are controlled. All of these functions are very closely intertwined and interrelated. And it is not always clear where one begins and the other ends. Impact on appetite – affects motivation and, in general, all human behavior.

Therefore, for people with obesity, theoretical calls for healthy weight loss are weak. For overweight people to genuinely and permanently want to run every morning and eat lean salads – something more radical and effective is needed. They can be helped by a special pill just for such cases – Phentermine.

The history of Phentermine begins in 1887, when Amphetamine was first discovered in the world. The new substance has an amazing effect on humans. Amphetamine gives tons of energy, removes fatigue, improves mood, increases concentration and suppresses hunger. These qualities have made Amphetamine very popular in the American military. During combat missions, soldiers could not eat or sleep for days, while maintaining good spirits.

Amphetamine’s ability to suppress hunger and speed up metabolism has made amphetamine-based drugs the most effective and popular weight loss drug in the world. Remember the era of hippies and soft drugs – perhaps it was then that a thin body came into fashion.

In 1959, scientists synthesized a substance from amphetamine with less pronounced addiction and side effects – Phentermine. The secret of Phentermine is that it increases the production of adrenaline in the hypothalamus. This hormone strongly stimulates the central nervous system, causing stress in the body. The brain subconsciously turns on the “danger signal”. In addition to willpower, the ancient biological fight-or-flight response is activated which mobilizes the body for survival. The body activates those functions that are needed here and now. Eyesight is sharpened so that we can see better. The pressure rises so we act faster. As for other functions that aren’t needed – they simply “turn off” until the end of the danger. We do not feel fatigue and pain. And also hunger – after all, when we fight or run away – we have no time for food, right?

So, phentermine induces artificial stress; its’ side-effect is suppressing the natural feeling of hunger. Under stress, a person begins to move a lot and involuntarily – just to let off steam. A person moves, spending a lot of calories and does not want to eat at the same time. At such moments, the very “Negative Energy Balance” is created – which melts fat replacing food.

Studies have shown Phentermine’s ability to reduce patient weight by an average of 5-10 pounds per week. This is a wonderful result that is not possible with most other diet pills. But the main thing is not even the number of pounds, but the frantic motivation that Phentermine gives. Its action can be compared to Ecstasy. People dance under it all night tirelessly, people under Phentermine train tirelessly in gyms.

Phentermine Side Effects

You have to pay for everything and the Phentermine fee is stress. And being in constant stress, a person not only loses weight, but also greatly depletes their health. Phentermine is a stimulant, and by its influencde it pushes you to be more active. If you used to walk, now run. And while running – the mouth dries up, the heart pounds.

Every day, you seem to want to fight with someone or run away from someone. The load on the psyche is maximum and continuous. Daily stress wears out the nervous system. Sleep as our source of renewed energy needs help in times of stress. Sleep becomes shallow or even disappears altogether. The person may become aggressive, nervous and hysterical.

Limited Treatment Time

Because of its side effects. and also because of the risk of addiction, Phentermine cannot be used for life, but is prescribed by doctors, as a rule, for a period of no more than 3 months. And then another problem arises. Studies have shown that the weight of patients returns to their previous level almost immediately after the end of therapy with Phentermine.

It is as if a person returns from another world back to their habits. Metabolism calms down and flows slowly again. The appetite that has slept all this time awakens. The person starts to eat a lot again, perhaps even more than before.

How To Continue Losing Weight Without Phentermine

The limited time of treatment should force the patient and his doctor to develop a special strategy to preserve the result achieved with the help of Phentermine, already without it. The patient needs more than just swallowing pills and waiting for a miracle.

Phentermine is prescribed for a period of no more than 3 months, and during this time the patient must develop such qualities and habits in their character that will continue to fight the excess weight after the end of the course of pills. It’s about a sincere willingness to lead an active lifestyle. And also, about rethinking and restraining your eating habits.

The Phentermine treatment strategy is simple: start the process and then just keep it from stopping. After all, the most difficult step is the first one, and Phentermine helps to make it. You must fundamentally change your character. You must maintain healthy habits already without doping. This is a difficult path and most do not reach success, but this is the only way to consistently lose weight without any pills in the future.

Buying Phentermine Online

Due to its strength and effectiveness, real Phentermine is difficult to buy online. You need to collect a bunch of permits, and have them on hand, it is easier to go to the pharmacy around the corner. Therefore, usually, those who have been denied a prescription by a doctor are looking for Phentermine on the Internet. There are sites where you can buy Phentermine without a prescription, but firstly, it is illegal, and secondly, there is no guarantee that you will not receive a fake.

Shoppers looking for Phentermine on the Internet are actively attracted to weight loss products that are consonant with this pill. For example: Phentramin, Phen375 and others. In addition to the familiar name, they are attracted by the opportunity to buy them legally, without a prescription, like ordinary vitamins. And also promises of the result of weight loss, after taking them.

But can a nutritional supplement contain something stronger than amphetamine and still be legally positioned as an effective weight loss product that does not require a prescription.

The FDA does not license or test most dietary supplements for weight loss sold in the United States, and there are cases when, under the guise of dietary supplements, the substance Sibutramine was sold – similar in strength and principle of action to Phentermine. So carefully study the composition of the supplements on the seller’s website.

Phentermine, unlike Sibutramine, is not prohibited and is continued to be used even in new diet pills under other trade names. For example, Adipex and Qnexa are FDA-approved for obesity in the United States and contain Phentermine.

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Hi Tina – I am so sorry that this happened, especially by the age of 34. Quick question – are you for sure that phentermine caused the heart attacks? 100% percent sure it links directly back to your usage of the drug? Usually, there is a pre-condition and the drug is actually the trigger of something larger. Just curious.


I was wondering the same thing? Sometimes there is already an underlying condition that exists. For some, YES, losing weight is so crucial that taking the chance of side effects is worth trying Phentermine.

Since I started this pill on saturday I have suffered from hallucinations all day, insominia, and memory loss.

How much did you weigh before the heart attack? How many heart attacks did you have before starting to take the pill? What was the dosage you were taking? The doctor should have been a little more cautious in prescribing the pill if you were at risk for a myocardial accident.

You really shouldn’t be prescribed Phentermine(Adapex) at the age of 34 without proper blood tests and a full physical.

Well if this tells you anything….. My father has been taking this drug for a few months now. He is extremely irritable now and goes into fits of rage quite often. He is consistantly paranoid. Forgets what is going on or things he did. I confronted him about suspecting he was upping his own dosage and he nearly went into a physical altercation. I have seen similar behavior from meth addicts.
This may be used for a diet treatment but remeber, it’s speed, whether legal or not it is a drug that can have very bad effects. I guess I am going to have to contact his doctor about it.

im 23 years old have 3 kids under the age of 5 I srarted taking it almost 3 years ago at the advice of my sister in law because i was to fat now i cant stop an on top of that i’ve started drinking to help me sleep I tell yself I dont want to do it anymore but at the bottom of every pill bottle find myself running back to the doctor im feeling all the horrible side effects an even about to loose the father of my kids an husband rehab is not in my budget I’ve looked everywhere for a free one and nothing……. ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT !!!!!!….STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT

The side effects are not worth it!!! I have been taking Phentermine for 7 and a half years now. I was never told about any side effects. When I developed rage problems I asked my doctor if the drug could be doing that. He said no and to keep taking it. Did I mention that I am 5 ’10′ and weigh 150 lbs. I told him when I was diaginosed with diabetes. He never told me to quit. Now I am scared my heart has been effected. I go for a heart monitor tomorrow. I only quit after another doctor told me the side effects. I am 37 and a mother of 5. I am so scared that my obession to be thin might have killed me. Please don’t take it. It will kill you.

I think the biggest concern is that you took it for 7 years! In Ohio, you can’t take it for more than 3 months without a break. Your doctor also didn’t tell you about side effects (which everything has) or change your prescription because of diabetes? Your doctor, not the drug, seems to be the problem here.

Wow! 7 years is way too long. The only thing killing you is your doctor and you need to sue for malpractice. Diabetic patients cannot take Phentermine as it will deplete your magnesium. Magnesium deficiency in a diabetic causes diabetic symptoms to worsen. Your doctor should have his license revoked. You should not be on Phentermine for more than 6 months and only if necessary.

I have also been taking it off and on since 2005. I’ve taken it for 6 months straight at times but I’ve always not taken it on weekends and been less strict with my diet on weekends. I have been back on it for a month now after taking off from the meds for three months. I had gained 5-7 lbs since I stopped the meds and also quit my gym and strength training. I went to another gym but it never was the same and now I work out at home on a treadmill and do light strength training. I have only lost maybe 2 pounds since starting it again. But what is troubling me is that after drinking coffee with the meds and having 2 glasses of wine Friday night, Saturday morning I began have a weird heart beat like skipped beats. It continued all day and into the night. I went to the drugstore and tested my pressure. It was 111/55, which is a little low. I read about premature heart beats which could be harmless, could even be a panic attack. I have been depressed and stressed lately and was very much both the night before the weird heart rhthym began. Today, the day after the occurrence I am still having some discomfort but not as bad. I have not taken the phen since Friday and I had one cup of coffee the day of the event (just previous to). I stupidly had about 6 oz. Of tea that same day. I guess I forgot about the caffeine in it. Anyway, I suppose I should go to the doctor on Monday to get my heart checked out? I am not having pain, I forgot to mention my pulse was normal(80). However, it does feel strange to feel all of these strong heartbeats and I am weak feeling and a short of breath. I am about 15-20 pounds overweight for my height 5’1″. I work out twice a week at least and have reasonable endurance of a 29 yo sedentary office worker.

I have been taking it for 11 days now. After the first 4 nights I almost quit because of the severe calf and thigh cramps when I went to bed. I went from 2 to 3 cups of coffe a day and maybe 30 oz of water before I started the pills to 2 cups and coffee and 80 to 100 oz of water. I would wake up after about 3 hours sleep wide awake but would always go back to sleep but I again would get up about an hour earlier than normal now. My biggest problem is still making sure I drink enough water and eat as often as my docotr wants me to along with taking in 80 grams of protien and keeping it around 1500 to 1600 cals a day. HBP is managed by meds, had blood work by regular doc 1 month before starting this and NP went over all before suggesting the pills. I choose my doctor because she really taked to me about my options including surgery. The other place in town is only open 2 half days a week and didn’t feel comfotable with them at all. I am determined to see if this can give me kick start to weight loss, enough so I can start walking, right now with the weight, my knees and lower back give me so much pain, swimming is all I can do. I am 49, 5’4 and was 325 when I started and go back to doctor in 3 days. I’m not expecting miracles even though NP said I could loose about 20 lbs the first month, we’ll see.

well its doing me some good gives me energy …helps me get to work good all day ..and ive lost 48 pounds on it so it has to be good

Iv been on it for 2 months the jitters are gone but now I have a bit of nausea, gas and a rash on my arms for that im going to the dr.I was 175 lbs im now 149 lbs its working with little side effects.

I’ve been on it for 3 months. I too have the rash. I have it on my upper arms and neck. What were you told to do about the rash? Is there any meds to use to make it go away?

ive lost 52 pounds with the help of it… but i really get constipated,an insomnia dont know if i candeal with that anymore any one have any suggetions. Really pleased with the weight loss.

Check with your doctor about taking a sleeping aid such as trazadone. It is non addictive and when you wake up you will feel refreshed not drowsy. I take only 25 mg of phentermine due to a thyroid issue… I am not able to take more. My side effects are none except for the first 3 weeks my vision was a bit blurry at times. Good luck!

I have taken Xenical and now I’m on Phentermine. I’ve notice a major change in my vision over the past few months and have been searching to see if it related to the meds as I have had 20/20 and 20/15 vision all of my life. I’ve had to schedule an appt. with my eye doctor due to the eye pain, blurry vision and feeling of straining to see. I don’t feel comfortable even driving at night now. I’m glad to learn that I am not alone with experiencing vision problems.

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